Capstone Project Individual


“Being a Teacher in a Digital Age: My Philosophy”

Technology is something we use every day. As illustrated by Loveless and Williamson (2013), “Digital technologies afford opportunities for thinking differently about how, when, and where we engage with networks of knowledge, expertise, experience, practice, feedback, and challenge” (p. 138). By using technology, it can make tasks easier and quicker to complete. For a teacher to use technology in their classroom it could enhance learning. As growing teacher, I would use technology to help keep learning fun and interactive for each student. I think it is important for teachers to remain up to date on new technology, since some students will have it available to them. Technology will be used in my classroom, as it should be expected from parents and students. Technology can branch of into different areas for teachers; which are educational games, interactive learning, personalized learning, and many more. All of these branches will extend further and I will use technology to be a forever learner.

I will use digital technologies to create relevant and meaningful learning experiences for my students. I will use different types of educational websites to create a personalized learning for students. This way each student can focus on something they are struggling in and need extra help. In my classroom I will use interactive learning devices for students to build problem solving skills and collaborative learning. I will integrate multimedia to show, videos and pictures to expand a student’s horizon for different experiences around the world. Explained by Loveless and Williamson (2013), “Teaching demands imagination, value, purpose, knowledge, ability, practice, reflection, and perseverance”(p. 139).

Different types of technology can be available and suitable for each student. By using technology in a classroom, it can engage students to become an active learner. I have learned from my multimedia class is when I have a good video my peers notice. It provides a positive feedback and makes me more motivated to do better. This experience in this classroom has given me the necessary skills to plan for technology difficulties and have a backup plan. I also think it has provided a great way to connect with different parents and provide a more elaborate instruction about the classroom using the internet. Technology can make communication more accessible.

Some parents and students are not good with using technology so I would help them along the way and give them detailed instructions. Most people, who do not like technology, usually refuse to use it under any circumstances. To address a digital divided with a classroom for parents and students is to explain why this is so important for our students. It is just like learning something new, we have to practice at it and we also do not want to fall behind. It is a demand that people know how to use technology and expected from future careers. As illustrated by Loveless and Williamson (2013), “Understand a place of learning with technologies, but also recognize how digital technologies have played a role in shaping our ways of knowing in the subject domain themselves”(p. 142).


1.      Loveless, A., & Williamson, B. (2013). Being a Teacher in a Digital Age. InLearning identities in a digital age: Rethinking creativity, education and technology (pp. 138-155). New York: Routledge.

Technology Tools in My Classroom

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One thought on “Capstone Project Individual

  1. You make some great points in this essay. Given the new applications, devices, and resources that will come along and add additional value to the work that you will do as a teacher, I wish you the best of luck in reaching your personal and professional goals as a teacher.


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