Closing Note about Blogging

My Blogging Experience

At the beginning of the fall semester, I walked into my EDM class feeling uncertain due to my other classmates telling me how hard it is. On the first day of class I knew it was going to be work. As the determine person that I am, I knew I could adapt to this technology class. I usually do not care about technology or think that is a necessity. I have to say by taking this class and writing excessive papers about technology has educated me.

I know now that some children love to blog about their feelings, experiences, and more. It will enhance a child’s writing, spelling, reading, and more. I think this is a great way to reach out to other people and different cultures. Blogging is something someone can do to express their thoughts without being embarrassed. Some people may think it is hiding behind a computer screen and a keyboard, but really it is creating liberty for people who are not comfortable with other people.

Although we blogged what was required from my EDM course and not my personal experiences in my life, it has extended my tree branches. I may have complained about making a video or writing a paper about technology but it has all served as a purpose. As my reflection on the class is that it has been a learning experience and has opened my eyes to a different technological word out there. My future students will know more about devices and technology than me most likely, but this could be a doorway for me to motivate them.

Although this reflection is not a requirement for the class and something that could go unread by people, I know that I can go back and look at this small writing as a motivator for me to be a continuous learner with technology.  Maybe somethings could change to make this class go smoother but I would do it all over again. It is these classes that makes me become a better teacher, person, and student; which makes me grateful that I did all of this work at the University of South Alabama.

Alyssia Dunham

One thought on “Closing Note about Blogging

  1. This Closing Note was a pleasant surprise and discovery. It was my pleasure to serve a “catalyst” in your intellectual growth and development this semester. 🙂 I sincerely hope that your learning experience as a student in EDM 310 will be a motivator for your continued intellectual growth and learning throughout your life and your teaching career.


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