How to be a Great Teacher!


I love this picture, that I got from Teachideafactory.com. I know this is something I could look at in a classroom and admire it. I also want to teach elementary education and these are the things you have to go through as a teacher and especially working with younger children. We also should do this now, as a student, to our peers. This is for people of all ages and it is something to work towards.


Teachideafactory.com. (n.d.). Retrieved August 25, 2015.


Learning To Blog

I am learning to blog, due to a class. I don’t know what to believe. Is it going to be hard? Or is it going to be something to learn from? I can’t tell you, because I have only been in class for two days. I will definitely keep updating on wordpress, even if I am the only one reading my blogs. This class has put me out of my comfort zone, but it is nice to feel like I am challenging my media skills. (Which is none, just an F.Y.I) I am excited about this course, so let the work begin!