Collaborative Learning with Interactive Games in Elementary Grades

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As a growing teacher, I would want my students to be engaged with what they are learning. Video games will engage the students if it is fun and exciting for them. Most children have some type of technology in their everyday life and some students like to play video games. There are so many educational games that will help children with subjects that they maybe struggling to learn in class. “A child learns through playing with others, creating and improving his or her zone of proximal development, because such play tends to involve more complex activities than those the child experiences in daily life.” (p. 176) Educational games would be something I would want to integrate with my teachings in my elementary class, so they can build on their learning skills and have fun. Role Game is an educational game that can assist a child with social and communication skills. It will enhance on their mathematics and language arts because Role Game is a collaborative gaming activity that is designed to make children build strategies in order to reach the game’s objective.

Role Games allow the students to create an avatar and interact with three other students. Each avatar has an objective to do to complete the problem that they have at hand, whether it is capturing letters to complete a word or catch a villain to get across. The students have to plan and carry out a collaborative actions to overcome barriers. Students needs to be communicating, organizing, negotiating, and coordinating throughout the game in order to win. Role Games helps the students to have attainable goals and to not get frustrated. It also creates constant feedback from their peers and create problem solving strategies as a team.

These games are affordable and can be easily downloaded through any app store or download online to a family’s’ computer. It can help children through all grades and at different ages. I think children would benefit by having these different types of activities in their classroom to create change and keeping it fun. I am observing a third grade class and the one thing I noticed is that my teacher always keeps is fun because learning should be fun. As a student and a prospective teacher, I would want my classroom to be a place where children can make mistakes,, have fun, learn, and enjoy spending their time with their teacher.


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